Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Beginning

I haven't written here since losing Pete.  Every time I would open my blog post I would get a great sadness seeing Pete's face and thinking about the pain we have experienced with his death.  I also didn't feel I could follow his story with anything else, like I needed to let it just honor him for a while.  Though I realize now, tonight, that it's time.  We still cry with the missing of our buddy.  We wish he was here everyday, but I believe he has sent us a gift and a new beginning.  Her name is Idgie.

We get her in a weeks time.  We are amazingly excited and in love with her sweet little face already.  We haven't even met yet, only ooh'd and aah'd over pictures sent from her breeder.  I can't help but see Pete in her.  She has the same sweet look in her face that he did. The pictures show that she has a similar attitude.  I owe her the freedom to be different from Pete, to just be Idgie.  I know she will steal our hearts away.  But I think the gift of all of this is that we will constantly be reminded of Pete, he will live on through her and I think that's beautiful.  What I have learned from Pete's death, is that each of us, when gone, lives on through those that knew and loved us.   Those that are gone continue to touch our lives and make us better people. They never truly leave us.  For they are around us everywhere, helping, healing, guiding.  I find this to be true Grace.

So in this New Year, we will find our hearts healing, our family unit complete once more, and a new little girl to spoil.  

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